Our Story

Moments for yourself. Moments to be creative.

Piece & Quiet was started by two twenty-somethings searching for a way to relax and switch off from a busy life. Lockdown rediscovered our passion for putting together oddly shaped pieces and the importance of taking a moment for yourself. However, we very quickly grew tired of the boring traditional designs and ran out of unique and quirky designs that we genuinely liked.

Piece & Quiet is an attempt to solve this. Striking and exciting artistic puzzles, promoting mindfulness and a relaxing way to be creative for the puzzler whilst providing a platform to boost the profile of our talented artists.

Mindful Creativity. 

We all want to feel creative, but sometimes it can be hard to find that creative outlet. We want you to be able to express yourself, be fully present in the moment and feel that sense of accomplishment that you can only truly get from completing a stunning puzzle. We call it Mindful Creativity.

Talented Artists. 

We want to create beautiful puzzles that would look great on your bedroom wall, or even above the fireplace. We’ve partnered with amazing artists who receive a fair royalty from each puzzle we sell. Every piece of art has its own story to tell and we aim to bring you closer to our talented artists, boosting their profile in the process.

A Happier You.

Piece & Quiet exists to provide mindful moments and to bring like-minded people together. We believe these mindful moments are the key to genuine happiness and hope our community and their ideas can help us all become better versions of ourselves.

Mindful Creativity, Talented Artists, A Happier You. 

Piece & Quiet - Artistic Puzzles, for Adults.