Bea Muller

Bea Muller 500 Piece Puzzle Art Jigsaw For Adults Mindfulness Gift for Her

Tell us about yourself

I would call myself a European through and through. I’m originally German, grew up in the Netherlands and am now a Londoner. Last year, during lockdown, I decided to follow my passion and become an illustrator and haven’t looked back since.

Describe your artistic style

If you see a bright pink or a red colour against a teal green background, the chances are high you’ve landed on my work. I’d describe my style as naive and whimsical, often addressing topics that are important to me like diversity and climate change.

What was the inspiration behind “Winter Wanderland”?

I always pass happy dog owners on my morning run and love the idea of having a dog as a partner in crime for my runs. As illustrators we are so lucky: if we can’t do something, we can bring it into life in our illustrations.

Describe your ultimate mindful moment

My number one ultimate mindful moment is and will always be running. I run to be by myself, in the forest or in the park. I don’t track heartbeat, time or distance. I run to be in the moment and for my mental health. I also love experiencing mindfulness through art or music too. My husband recently bought a piano and I’m absolutely in love. 







Bea is the incredible artist behind the Winter Wanderland 750 piece art jigsaw puzzle for adults.


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