5 mindful activities for busy adults - how our jigsaw artists switch off and relax

5 mindful activities for busy adults - how our jigsaw artists switch off and relax

It's World Mental Health Day this weekend, which gives us a great excuse to talk about something we all still don't talk about enough.

Managing mental health can be difficult, but we believe there's lots of small things that can go a long way to taking care of our own mental wellbeing.

We found that puzzles gave us our own form of mindfulness, a chance to be present in the moment and focus on us. Mindfulness can be more than just meditation and we're here to help spread that message.

Different things work for different people and our mission at Piece and Quiet is to help you discover what works for you.

So in this blog we ask two things of you:

1. Take 10 minutes out of your day to focus on you. Our artists and us have shared our favourite mindful moments below if you're in need of any ideas.

2. Reach out to that friend or loved one you've not heard from in a while.

Our Favourite Mindful Moments

Our ultimate aim is to help our Piece and Quiet community discover new ways to switch off and relax, by sharing ideas on what works for them. Our artists have shared their favourite mindful moments.

Millie Putland

A sunrise or sunset is my ultimate mindful moment. It really teaches me to always live in the present. Staring out onto the coloured sky and how it changes so quickly makes you realise that although life is always changing, it's important to stop and take a breath.

Bryony Moss

My ultimate mindful moment would involve swimming. I swim in a lake near me and it's when I'm swimming outside with the ducks that I feel truly relaxed.

Ashley Ling - Co-Founder

I love waking up on a slow Saturday morning and taking a walk through the Common with a caramel latte and a pink donut from the stall, where we make the same predictable order. Everyone is always upbeat on a Saturday morning and the dogs always help lift the mood.

Sophie Minto

Kayaking on a summers day on a clear flat sea and stopping to sit and take in the view.

Sophie Charnley

When you arrive in a new, exciting country in the dark, wake up in the morning and look out of the window not knowing what you might find.

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