Benefits of Mindful Doodling for adults

Benefits of Mindful Doodling for adults

What is doodling?

Free from lines, direction and any rules, doodling is the act of simply drawing and is often defined as un-focused or unconscious drawing. Very rarely does someone set out to ‘doodle’, however this very act actually brings with it a whole host of unexpected benefits.

Why doodle?

Without getting too technical or scientific, the act of doodling is a form of escapism. Putting the brain into an idle state, allowing the busy, conscious side of the brain to calm down and switch off.  In other words, doodling is an amazing and accessible way to enjoy moments of mindfulness and can bring you completely present in the moment. Our main goal at Piece and Quiet is to make mindfulness accessible and that is why we are such a big fan of mindful doodling. 

What are the key benefits of doodling?

Research by Neuroscientists into doodling has found the following benefits...

  1. Increased Creativity
  2. Improved Focus
  3. Enhanced Memory Retention
  4. Improved Patience
  5. A state of mindfulness, placing our thoughts completely in the present

As a result, doodling is now a considered and respected activity within the mindfulness sphere.

What do you need to doodle?

The beauty of doodling is that anyone can do it, anywhere! You could be on the beach in summer, or sitting by a roaring fire in winter - and all you need is some paper and a pen! Be sure to set aside sufficient time with as few interruptions as possible (and get that phone on airplane mode!) Remember that there is no right or wrong way to doodle, who knows what you’ll create.

But what if I’m not very artistic?

Another amazing thing about doodling is that your artistic ability is irrelevant. It is not about the finished piece you create, but the journey you went on to get there.

When to doodle?

We’re on a mission to help people take time for themselves, every day. Whether that’s 5 minutes or 55 minutes, try and set aside time every day to sit and practice a mindful activity to bring yourself to be completely present in the moment and help you become more in tune with your body, your mind and how you’re feeling. Some of the times we find best to do some mindful doodling:

  • Any time we feel anxious or stressed
  • When we’re experiencing a creative block
  • As part of our daily routine
  • Whenever we are looking to relax, unwind and are in some much needed time for ourselves.

Piece and Quiet’s Mindfulness Colouring Book for Adults

Why not give our Piece and Quiet Mindfulness Colouring Book for Adults a try? Packed with some of our most popular jigsaw puzzle designs for you to colour, alongside a whole host of mindful doodling activities. The perfect on-the-go mindfulness companion.


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