4 reasons why our London jigsaw puzzle is the perfect Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebration

London jigsaw puzzle for platinum jubilee celebration

The Platinum Jubilee weekend is nearly upon us, and that means more than just an extra bank holiday (which in our book is reason enough to celebrate). 

From Union Jack bunting, to fully themed street parties, there’s a whole host of ways to celebrate. Here’s 4 reasons why we think our Little Old London 500 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle is up there as one of the best ways to celebrate this Platinum Jubilee weekend.


1. Re-discover your favourite London landmarks.

From Columbia Flower market to Hyde Park, Big Ben to Carnaby Street, you’ll feel like you’re really walking the streets of our historic capital as you  travel from East to West and back again, even with a trip on the tube for good measure!

2. Explore the capital piece by piece, expertly illustrated by Katy Alcock.

Katy has the most distinct and incredible artistic style, and has effortlessly captured the incomparable atmosphere and vibe of London. Few things are as magical as your first trip on an iconic red London bus, and Katy’s stunning artwork will bring back those vibrant memories for you to re-live all over again

3. Relax and unwind! Jigsaw puzzles are an incredible way to switch off and de-stress, so put that extra bank holiday to good use and give yourself some much needed down-time. 

Jigsaw puzzles haven’t been cool for a while now. We’re on a mission not only to make them cool, but to spread the word over what an incredible tool for your mental health they can be. Think of each piece as as moment of relaxation, a step on a path to stress-relief. Once you’ve put together a few pieces, you’ll have caught the satisfying bug and be on your way towards a happier, healthier you. 

4. The perfect activity to share with family and friends. Bring everyone together this Platinum Jubilee.

Celebrations like these are times to be shared together, with those friends and family loved most. You may not have tried it before, but a jigsaw puzzle is an amazing way to bring people together. Working collectively to create a stunning piece of art, that’ll give you the satisfaction and pride of creation that few other activities can match. Give it a try this Platinum Jubilee. 


There you have it, there’s our top 4 reasons why our London art jigsaw puzzle will give you and your friends the ultimate Platinum Jubilee celebrations!

Let us know how you get on over on our Instagram @PieceandQuietUK.

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