What is Mindful Creativity?

We all want to feel creative, but sometimes the tough bit is where to begin - Should I paint a picture? Or write a best-selling novel? It can be hard to find a creative outlet when starting from a blank canvas.

We found that jigsaw puzzles provided us with a platform to be creative in a structured way, starting small and working our way towards creating a stunning piece of art. One puzzle piece at a time, we loved the process of creating and the feeling of accomplishment that comes from putting the last piece in place. We found it to be the perfect activity to feel creative, without any of the obstacles and pressures that usually stand in the way.

People often think of mindfulness as meditation. Something that can seem quite daunting and inaccessible, and a task only possible for those with an abundance of free-time. We found puzzles as one of the many simple ways to be mindful and take a moment for yourself - and the more we have researched, the more we have discovered that the act of completing a jigsaw puzzle can actually put your brain into a meditative state. 

We recognise mindfulness as being fully present in what you are doing, your thoughts and how you are feeling. Completing a puzzle really allowed us to slow down, relax and be fully present in a way that we’d previously struggled to be able to do.

Mindfulness is about experiencing what's happening around you and really focusing in on each of the different senses. That's why we've launched our scented soy wax candles. Perfectly paired with each artistic jigsaw puzzle design, we've carefully selected scents that bring the artwork to life, creating an all encompassing mindful experience beyond the puzzle. 

The creative process, partnered with the mindfulness benefits of puzzles is what we call Mindful Creativity.


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