Why coming out of lockdown doesn’t mean we have to return to a pre-covid life

Why we dont have to return to a pre covid life mindfulness blog mindfulness newsletter making mindfulness accessible artistic jigsaw puzzles for adults

We can't wait to start getting back to normal and for lockdown restrictions to be relaxed, but that doesn't mean there aren't positives from the challenges of the past 12 months to take forward into a post-covid world. Lockdowns, endless zoom meetings and social interactions at an absolute minimum - it really has been a test for over 12 months now. However, whilst we can’t wait to get back to seeing friends, family and loved ones and for our daily activities to consist of more than a walk or the weekly food shop, here are the things we're going to make an effort to maintain.


Slower pace of life

As much as we miss being able to head to the pub for some last minute drinks after work, or going for a spontaneous weekend away, there has been something quite refreshing about being able to take things a little slower. Being able to take a day off sat at home watching Netflix and not feeling guilty for it, as if we should’ve done something more “worthwhile” with our time, when actually sometimes a recharge and a chilled day at home is exactly what you need. 


It being okay not to be okay

Talking about mental health in an open, honest and constructive way is becoming more and more acceptable by the day, and that’s definitely been accelerated by the pandemic. Being able to have those conversations with close friends and family is SO important and I think people are realising that it is completely normal to have down days, and to be open about that. Throughout the pandemic people have really come together to check-in on those around them, whether that be through Zoom’s, lockdown gifts or just the occasional WhatsApp, and we hope this collective understanding of individual battles everyone is facing continues. 


No pressure to do anything 

We’ve all been there. We’ve agreed to go to something and we really can’t be bothered. Yet, 9/10 times, we will still go even though we know it is not what we want. With lockdown’s and the pandemic, it has become more acceptable to put your own needs first and be completely honest when something just isn’t for you.


Meaningful contact

The day we are able to enjoy a hug with friends again will be an incredible day, but actually being so isolated has meant that the interactions you do have are more focused, and sometimes more meaningful. It has also meant that everyone is more invested in the people that really matter.


So don’t just slip back into the old way of doing things, take a moment to reflect and make sure that you live a life that truly brings you happiness.

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