6 reasons why art jigsaw puzzles are the perfect gift for stressed out friends

unique lockdown jigsaw puzzle in the sun

We've all been there. You want to buy her something that's a little bit different, but not too different. Something with a personal touch, without getting too personal. Something that says you care, but something that doesn't require a mortgage.

We know that finding the perfect gift for her can be stressful, so we're here to take the hassle away and help make gift-giving fun again. Of course we may be a little bit bias, but we've come up with a few reasons why a cool jigsaw puzzle can be the perfect answer to your gifting headache. Whether you're buying for a loved one, friend, family or colleague, a unique jigsaw puzzle can be a great thoughtful gift for her, and here's why:

1. Me time

We rush from event to event and struggle to find time for ourselves. There's nothing quite like an arty jigsaw puzzle to help you slow down, as 'one more piece' turns into a couple of hours of relaxation. Enough to focus the mind, but without demanding too much concentration - a lovely mix that can really help a stressed friend find some time amongst a hectic lifestyle.

2. Phone-free time

In a world full of viral TikToks and oversharing Facebook family friends, it's easier than ever to waste an evening scrolling through social media. We actually launched Piece and Quiet after realising that jigsaw puzzles were one of the few things that actually made us put down our phones and escape from the never-ending viral dance videos.

3. Enjoy with wine

Woman drinking wine whilst doing a cool jigsaw puzzle

Jigsaw puzzles go well with a lot of things, and a glass of wine is definitely one. You can guarantee your loved one has been gifted a cheeky bottle of wine or two, so why not buy her something to go with them. 500 piece puzzles are sure to provide more than a few evenings worth of entertainment, so why not enjoy it with a well earned glass of rosè.

4. Enjoy with friends

We love receiving pictures and stories of moments shared between loved ones, as mothers and daughters or friends and colleagues laugh and chat over a stunning jigsaw puzzle. There's something about relaxing activities that can be shared, that helps bring people together and allow them to be completely present in the moment.

5. Enjoy with friends and wine

This one is a secret tip a friend let us into. She told us about an annual trip to a log cabin with a group of friends, where every year somebody would bring a new puzzle to complete. We never thought of puzzles as all-nighter material, but loved hearing about the marathon puzzling sessions that ensued with a glass of wine in hand. However, we're not sure we can be held responsible for any arguments caused by a tipsy friend misplacing the final puzzle piece.

6. Puzzle art for the bedroom wall

Stunning arty framed jigsaw puzzle

We find that customers love the puzzle art our incredible local artists create so much, they have to frame the finished puzzle. We find that puzzles make a really unique gift for her that not only provides hours of entertainment, but also looks amazing on your bedroom wall. That's why we've gone all out to work with the best artists, to create designs that you genuinely want to frame and show off, the perfect gift!

We hope we've given you some much need gift for her inspiration. We know it can be tough but we've got your back. Life's about memories, experiences and sharing those with the people you love most, and gifts should be no different! Buy something thoughtful that says you care, with a relaxing and unique gift for her she won't forget.

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