Piece and Quiet

  • Benefits of Mindful Doodling for adults

    What is doodling? Free from lines, direction and any rules, doodling is the act of simply drawing and is often defined as un-focused or unconscious...
  • What is Mindful Creativity?

    We share some of the story behind Mindful Creativity, why it means so much to us and how we try to bring it to life.
  • Why doing jigsaw puzzles is good for you

    We cast some light on why jigsaw puzzles for adults are good for you, and cover just some of the many benefits they provide. From increased brain cognition, to reducing stress and anxiety.
  • Top 5 ways to take time for yourself this winter!

    Winter. The days are shorter, the nights are longer, and with everything 2020 is chucking at us it’s a recipe for a tough time for a lot of us. That said, there’s loads of ways to make sure you are still taking the time for yourself this winter, giving yourself those mindful moments and keeping on top of your mental health. Here’s our top 5!
  • Finding the secrets to mindfulness one puzzle piece at a time

    We recently spoke to Balance Media about Piece and Quiet, and what our mission is through the medium of artistic jigsaw puzzles! Find out more about Piece and Quiet, how we got started, and why artistic jigsaw puzzles!